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Tonight was run with my trusty Asics. In twenty degree weather and slippery roads, the streets were out of the question. I debated running outside after I left my first class today, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of trembling hands and knees.

Treadmill it was. I could have moved to stage three today. I could have done five minutes of running and two and a half of walking. I’m actually pretty sure that I could have begun on stage three, but I’m trying to be conservative. So, I did 3&3 for one final time.

Truthfully, doing 5&2.5 will kill me on the treadmill. As I’ve said before (and will continue saying until it warms enough for me to be outdoors again), the treadmill is the most mind numbing, mentally painful act ever. I won’t lie; today was easier. Today was much easier, because I knew what to expect. I had other things on my mind. My mind was working hard all by itself, so the treadmill wasn’t quite terrible.

On my days off from running, I’m going to hit the elliptical for 30-40 minutes or the bike for an hour. I want to make sure that I’m exercising more regularly. I think I will incorporate some pilates into my life again, as well.

Another change that I will implement will be a macrobiotic diet. Of course, I’m going to seriously read up on it before I do anything, but I think (outside of my sweet tooth), I am a fairly healthy eater, so transitioning completely to macrobiotic won’t be terribly difficult.

I’ll also post recipes and ideas as I learn more about it and actually try it out. Of course, I won’t be trying it out, because it will be more of a lifestyle than our conventional understanding of the word “diet.”