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Today was Day One of the Third week of running. It’s actually week Two, though. I’m going to quit saying that, because it’s really not important.

The important thing is that the intervals were five minutes of running with two and a half minutes of walking. I thought that running for longer periods of time on the treadmill would be worse than the shorter intervals, but I was (surprisingly) mistaken. It was quite easier than the three minute intervals, which I think may have something to do with having to stop and start so often. I also think that my mind was kept even busier tonight. On top of that, I imagine that the treadmill itself is getting easier. Perhaps I don’t loathe it as much as I did the last time.

I’m not saying I have warm, fuzzy feelings toward it, but I don’t hate it with the previous intensity.

One thing that I pictured was swimming. I think swimming is pretty relaxing and that helped the time go by much faster.

I’m looking forward to being able to comfortably run for thirty to forty minutes at a time again.

Also, for dinner, we cooked the chicken breast on the stove and added buffalo wing sauce. We also made a boxed chicken stuffing, as well as a spinach and lettuce salad with red onions, carrots, and cucumbers with balsamic vinaigrette.