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I have been running fairly regularly, but I have forgotten to update in here! There are a few things I would like to mention:

Medical diagnosis:
After meeting with a sports doctor, he advised me that I probably have shin splints. He wasn’t very helpful in discussing whether my shoes were the problem or what type of shoes I should look into. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t tell me much more than what I already knew (from excessive research). He did tell me that I hyper-pronate, but only ever so much. He suggested two to three days of physical therapy a week, but due to my new job(s) and full time college course load, I couldn’t commit. He was pushy about it, but I wasn’t having it. Instead, he gave me a packet regarding shin splints and types of rehabilitation exercises. I was also sent to get x-rays done on both of my legs. If they came back negative, then I would need a bone scan.

So, I did my x-ray. Two days later, I received a phone call saying that my legs were fine. No fractures. The next day, however, my mom got a phone call claiming that I had some type of fractures in my legs. I signed in online to view my results and they claim that I have “unremarkable” structure. Technically, they found nothing. I didn’t bother calling them back, because I know (deep down) that my legs are actually fine. I know that I may have had fractures a couple of months ago (I’m pretty sure that I screwed something up in my legs quite terribly in November).

The one piece of advice that was worth the office visit was the rehabilitation exercises and the prescription. He prescribed that I place heat on my shins before I go for a run and then do these five or six exercises (it’s more like 10 exercises). After I run, I have to do the same stretches/exercises and then ice my shins.

I tried this for the first time on Sunday and I was skeptical. It was more of a last ditch attempt to fix what I felt was broken. I expected my shins to be on fire for a minute or two during the beginning of my run, but I never felt any pain.

Today I ran again and did those stretches/exercises. I haven’t had a problem since. Don’t get me wrong, if I squat down and place all of my weight on my shins, I feel a pain in my left shin, but that’s only when I’m bending down to get something out of the fridge. If anything, I should quit squatting and staring at the fridge for long periods of time (I mean, really, what the–!).

I’m not sure what stage I’m on, but I am up to eight minutes of running and two minutes of walking. I repeat that three times and I’m finished. I have also been eating more than usual. I don’t log my calorie intake anymore so I can’t say (with utmost certainty) that I’m taking in more calories, but I feel like I am. I also know that they are not the good kind either. I don’t drink nearly as much anymore, either.

I used to get 10 – 14 glasses of liquids a day, but for the past week I’ve only been getting maybe 6 (if that). Part of it was because I worked and couldn’t just drink as much tea, but the other part is because I didn’t plan it. I usually have about four cups of tea a day. I have two cups of coffee (well, it’s one tablespoon of coffee and 16oz of water); that brings me up to six cups of water a day. Then I’ll have two bottles of water (another 4 glasses) and that brings me to 10 cups of water. I’ll have to start planning again. I’m much better structured.

If I know what I’m going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then I can plan my snacks and drinks. It sounds obsessive, but it usually comes naturally to me. I’m such a creature of habit, so my days rarely change.

My style of running has remained outside. Today might have been the coldest and windiest day that I’ve ever run. I think it was under 35 degrees and it was so windy! I ran a little bit uphill but mostly even pavement or the street. I know that I was initially against running around my neighborhood, but I prefer it to running in a circle anywhere. I don’t need to run in a park or on a treadmill. I can’t wait until I’m running for a half hour to an hour at a time. I will start running errands (literally!).

I’m going to post another update regarding weatherproofing your run. Seeing as I am a practical, fairly cheap shopper, I will let you know what the best bargains are from gloves, headgear, lotions, lip balms and running clothes. I am still looking into better running socks, but more on that later.

PS. I’m signed up for The Color Run in Philadelphia, July 14th.