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I went on my first solo run today. Actually, my “first” solo run was at a park several months ago. I don’t consider that my first run, because I was running laps.

Today was around my town.

I’ve always been skeptical of running alone, because I have my earphones in. I’ve watched far too many Lifetime movies about kidnapping and trafficking.

Alas, my run was successful and refreshing.

Normally, if I skip a day of running, I have a hard time getting into it the next day. My brain immediately says, “well, if I skipped yesterday, I can skip today. It won’t hurt to skip.”

I don’t run for the sake of exercise, though. I run for myself. I run, because I feel accomplished when I’m finished. There’s something to be said about distance running; everyone thinks they can run continuously until they try it for the first time.

My run was supposed to be tracked by my Endomondo application, but the GPS malfunctioned and I never checked to see (I was listening to my iPod and didn’t concern myself with the phone).

I won’t lie to you, though: I ran for 24 minutes (at 8 minute intervals) and walked for four. I ran about half a mile past my old house and doubled back. If I had to ballpark it, I would say I ran about two and a half miles.

From now on, I think I’m going to go back to my old routine of running. When I finish my cup of coffee and have a banana, I’m going to stretch out my shins and hit the road. I don’t like running in the middle of the day. It’s warmer, but I prefer a morning run.

With any luck, the application will log my next run, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ll dust off my pedometer and use it next time.

Also, I posted my Go-To Running playlist to Songza. Of course, I add new songs every now and then, but this is a base of what I hear on the road. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll hear a song and think, “why did I put this on here?”

My favorite song is probably Matt & Kim’s – Let’s Go. There’s a sentimental reason behind it, though. When I was just about reaching my last stages in running (back in October), I listened to their new album on repeat. For the last two weeks of runs, I played them and specifically this song. The “ooh ooh ooh” parts? I sang them while on my last laps when I tired and knew I had nothing left (and yet, my legs still worked!).