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Let’s get something straight: Pit Bulls are not bad dogs.

At the shelter today, it was predominantly inhabited by Pits. Almost 100% of the kennels were filled with Pit Bulls. All of the dogs were between 10 months old and six years old. A couple of the dogs had bloody noses or lacked vocal chords to bark; however, the majority of them were happy to see us and happy to enjoy the sun.

So, how did this many Pit Bulls get into one shelter?

Perhaps it’s because humans have this pathetic ability to only spread negativity and awful news. Or maybe because they also lack the ability to enjoy their own life and instead want to discuss a dog fight or recent attack.

Fortunately, if you’re intelligent and actually use your brain, you can see that Pit Bulls (and all other dogs) are not inherently more dangerous than any other dog. Regrettably, most people are sheep.

Yes, sadly, there are a bunch of Should-Have-Been-Aborted scumbags on this planet (way more than I’d care to admit) who like to breed dogs for fighting purposes. I could go on and on about how I’d love to personally rip their skin off and tear them limb from limb (this is the PG version), but I don’t want to talk about these cretins. Instead, I want to focus on the poor dogs that die or are euthanized. These dogs have feelings. These dogs could be loveable. Haven’t you ever seen a giant dog think he’s a lap dog? All dogs can be your best friend. Just because a few Should-Have-Been-Aborted idiots decided to fight Pit Bulls, doesn’t mean it has to completely ruin their credibility.

Hypothetically, these morons could have gotten off on watching a couple of Xoloitzcuintle dogs fight to the death. Then everyone would be afraid of Mexican Hairless Dogs; the shelters would be filled with these poor beasts. It’s like Pavlov (sort of). You’re conditioned to think that something is going to happen, but it’s twisted because that thing (the viciousness/aggressiveness) is not always there. Therefore, you’re sitting around shunning these poor babies from society, because of the ill-informed rumors.

Here and here a few links on the validity of Pit Bulls and their so-called aggression.

Next, I’d like to discuss the responsibility that comes with adopting a dog (because that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it? A puppy won’t shoot from your loins any time soon). You will have to housebreak them, train them, love them, feed them, and—most importantly—care for them. If you can’t dedicate the time to do those things (and genuinely do them), then you don’t deserve a dog. That’s right: you don’t deserve a dog. Buy a plant. They’re relatively easy to care for. Get a cactus.

While we’re on the subject of adopting dogs, you should actually adopt a dog. If you buy a dog, you are an irresponsible person. There are thousands of dogs (and cats!) in shelters. If you don’t like the selection at your local shelter (you know, if you’re still too stupid and can’t see yourself falling in love with a Pit Bull), there are adoption websites, too. Get this: you can narrow your search down by age and breed. Sure, you’ll have to pay a higher fee, but you’re adopting. You are saving a life. You are not paying your scumbag neighbor $200 for their puppy, because they were too lazy and irresponsible to get their dog fixed.

Which brings me to: Getting Your Dog Fixed. There is absolutely NO reason that your pet should be waddling around getting a hard-on for other pets. You wear condoms, right? You take your birth control? You don’t want thousands of mini yous (or do you, you narcissist?) running around, so why would you want your dog to? It’s unfair and cruel. Get them fixed or don’t have a dog. If you can’t afford it, then you shouldn’t have a dog. All shelters want their pets fixed. Can you see where this is going, Einstein? Get your dog from a shelter, have them fixed, and stop being irresponsible.

Once, I had this real charmer of a friend. Too irresponsible to get her dogs fixed, she got her dog pregnant and decided to sell the puppies. Sure, they were cute. Who doesn’t think puppies are cute? Unlike babies, even the not-so-cute puppies are mildly adorable (babies, however, can be a lost cause; I’ve seen it firsthand). She wanted $200-300 for each puppy. Of course, as with all scumbags, eventually the tide wasn’t in her favor. Nope, one or two puppies died and another had breathing difficulties. I don’t remember how many this fool actually sold, but I do know that their illnesses were due to her own (and her parents’) ignorance.

Unless you’re a breeder, stop pimping out your dog.

If you do pimp out your dog, I hope someone pimps out your firstborn.

The point is: you should be rescuing a dog’s life, not endangering future puppies. By not adopting a dog or by spreading rumors about so-and-so having his face mauled by a Pit Bull, you’re only making this serious problem worse. Unless you’re showing your dog every year at the AKC competitions, you don’t need a designer dog. I don’t care how much money you make. You’re an idiot.