I always read quotes on tumblr that I really like. Most of them are usually mottos on how you should live your life or how people wished they lived their lives.

Here’s a list of things for me, from me.

1. Don’t knock the beach until you’ve slept in the sun. (This also translates to: do what makes you happiest. For me, being in the sun with my SPF 100 makes me happiest.)

2. Drink enough water to pee ten times a day; it gives you a reason to excuse yourself from company you’re tired of (plus some general exploration).

3. Own up to your actions. If you’re a bad person, you should try to work on it.

4. Try not to be too judgmental; everyone has something that eats them alive—try to be a little easier on them (or maybe some people are just useless—I’m still figuring this one out).

5. Listen to your gut (or heart, whatever).

6. Listen to good music.

7. Make a playlist of songs that make you happiest; put it on often.

8. Adopt a pet. They will love you. You will love them. There’s nothing greater than a little creature that eats up all of your affection and looks up to you (you’d be surprised). Also, people with pets are, on average, 70% happier than non-pet owners.

9. Make time for the people you care about.

10. Exercise because it’s good for you (but give yourself a break when you’re genuinely worn out).

11. Make a list of things you’d like to do/have before you’re 30 (or 25 or any upcoming age). Work toward achieving them (really work toward it).

12. Read nonfiction and then read fiction and then nonfiction. Just remember, life is two things: stranger than fiction and sometimes more or less depressing than it, as well (but you can pick your story, so be sure to make it a good one).

13. Wake your pets when they have nightmares; you’d want someone to wake you, too.

14.  Realize you’re only on the planet for 100 years (I’m being generous). Make them count.

15. Be decisive.

16. Be genuine. If you’re a phony and it comes out, you’ll lose respect. If people just don’t like you for you, it really doesn’t matter.

17. Try to write your days down. Someday, you might want to reread them (or laugh at them). Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet me (or Emily) and we’ll read them (because we’re curious [re: stalker] cats).

18. Have a little (lot) faith

19. Drink plenty of water