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I like to think I’m extremely intuitive and full of intelligence, but I’m not perfect (I get it). I have a healthy ego, but putting it bluntly: I’m also an idiot.

Like all people, I can be blind to facts staring me in the face, because I desperately want to believe what I decide is: fair, just, correct, righteous (you get the picture).

Life isn’t fair, and no one ever said it was. We can compare the slights and injustices in our lives, and I guarantee that we–individually–think ours are the worst. Unless someone else was seriously wronged (more than us, in our eyes), we feel like our issues are/were bigger.

Because of this, we’re all more than able (and–in fact–prone) to see things through (what Emily likes to call) crazy goggles. These goggles block out anything that would seem amiss to the average (non crazy goggle wearing) person.

This is why you need friends. It’s not just any friends. I have a couple “friends” that I really never want to see. I mean the kind of friends that you know love and care about you solely because they want to and are unable not to.

I call these few people my family, because that’s what they are. There are only a few, and even though they’re dispersed throughout the states, I love them unconditionally.

That’s right. I said it. Unconditionally. They could murder someone, and I’d still love them. Also, I know they’d never do so. Okay, so maybe not unconditionally. I mean that I don’t judge them for their mistakes, mishaps, and the cards they’re dealt nor the way they play (or don’t play) their hand.

If any one of them called me at 3:47 in the morning–provided my phone was audible–I would answer without hesitation. If any one of them needed something from me, they’d hardly have to ask.

So, back to the crazy goggles.

Your real friends love you. Your real friends care about you. Your real friends want you to be happy, because they love and care about you. They know your worth, they value you, and despite differences in character and judgments, they want the best for you, because they know you deserve it.

These friends are this way with everyone. They acknowledge the terrible people they’ve met in life, and similarly wish them to meet like-minded terrible people (you know who you are).

So, it’s safe to say that you are blessed with their presence in your life. They are not out to hurt your feelings (unless you have a pseudo friend, but you’ll know that one when push comes to shove).

Because of this, you should listen to their opinion.

If one of your friends tells you that something isn’t right, Something Isn’t Right.

Your friend isn’t jealous. Your friend isn’t crazy. Your friend is telling you that something that you see is off. There is something that your goggles missed.

Please believe them.

Eventually, and it will happen, whatever seemed amiss to your friends will rear its ugly head, and your goggles will shatter. If you have good friends, they will be there to pick up the pieces, place them in a field, and torch them.

If you have pseudo friends, they’ll disappear and good riddance.

I understand this is vague, but my point is simple:

Just because you want something, just because you think you deserve something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’ve deemed is this worthy thing IS in fact this thing.

If your friends have a word of caution, then listen up. More than likely, your goggles are fogging.

PS: your real friends will see the other side of things, too. They will help you come up with best case scenarios. They will try to wear your goggles. Eventually, though, if they really care about you, they’ll tell it to you straight, and when they do that, you should either listen to them and change or alienate them.

I went with the former and my best friends are the best investment I’ve made in my life.

Thanks, girls. I love you.