You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This has always been my mantra, and I will take it to the grave.

I try to live my life to the fullest, but to the fullest for me.

For example, I’m completely okay with being in pajamas by seven on a weeknight (okay, or even five if I’m not at the gym). I work hard, I study hard, and I do everything that I want in a day.

When it comes to things I’ve wanted to do, I have a bucket list. I’ve done a lot of things I wanted to do, but I still have a few I’m working on. If I died tomorrow, I’d know that I did the things I could have done given my time here.

When it comes to things I’ve wanted to say, I’ve said them all.

There isn’t one person who doesn’t know what I needed them to know. Don’t get me wrong, not everything has been reciprocated. When I was 17, I told The One That Got Away how I felt. Of course, I realized (in time) that he wasn’t actually TOTGA.

Years later, I did it again (I’d like to say tactfully, but when you’re telling someone, “hey, I’ll love you for the rest of my life, because you’re you, and I don’t need that reciprocated. Just thank you for existing,” well, you can see how that might be not classy for a girl to say [but I really didn’t care. It needed to be said.]).

I think you should tell people everything you want to tell them, because you don’t know when you’re going to go. I just know that if I died tomorrow, the people who matter, the people who mattered, the people I love, they all know.

As for the things I’ve done and am doing, I’m more than happy.

My coworker told me today, “I’d be sad if I died this young, but I lived my life. I’m happy where I’d be going.”

I know that everyone has their own set of guidelines to live by, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think mine were the best.

I think you should always be honest. I think you should always be compassionate. I think you should always be as good of a person as you can be.

For you.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget and get caught up in other people, in other things, but it’s really not all of that. It’s just about being okay with you.

One thing that has always bothered me was insecurity in your own self. I get physical imperfections, and I’m all for bettering oneself, but I don’t like that guttural rejection of oneself.

If you’re unable to love yourself, you have to work on that. It’s the one thing that irritates me to the core. You should love yourself more than anything, because you’re all you have! You should be kind to yourself, and you should be happy with yourself.

Unless you’re a crappy person (you very well could be, and that sucks for you).

You should leave your house every day and know that you can handle whatever life throws at you. I can’t really explain this, but I’ve known a handful of people who search for external approval for validation.

Maybe my ego is too big, but I don’t think that’s it.

I’m well-aware of my shortcomings, but they do not (in any way) affect how I live my life or how I see myself.

For example, I’m atrocious at small talk. I’m the absolute worst person to try to talk to at a function if we’ve never met. I used to try to smile a lot and nod. I tried to make it easier for other people to feel less awkward not knowing someone at a social function.

Not so much anymore.

I mean, I’ll try to talk, but most likely, I’m too busy thinking about something else and wondering when this function is over.

Is that a shortcoming?

Heck yes!

Do you know how many people I never get to meet? TONS.

My soul mate probably saw me a thousand times but never approached me!

I believe in soul mates!

If that’s not a shortcoming, I don’t know what is.

Seriously speaking, though, I have a lot of shortcomings.

They do not dictate my life, though.

That doesn’t have any bearing on how I feel when I leave my house every morning. Every morning, I leave my house and look at the one bird on the telephone wires. I smile at him and I think, “today will be better.” Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s the worst day ever.

Then there are the people who walk around with a heavy brick on their shoulders. I have no idea what makes them so insecure, but you can see it through everything they do. It follows them around like a nasty stench.

They try incredibly hard to please others, and they usually do a great job. It’s just that they’re never confident. They fake it, but—let’s be honest—we can see through it.

Anyway, before I get carried away on the fact that I absolutely cannot tolerate the weakness of them, I’ll stop.

I just mean to say that you should be 100% of everything you’re doing.

You should make that green smoothie, because you want that green smoothie and that should be enough.

You should tell the gas attendant that you don’t want to be topped off.

You should say no if you don’t want that second beer.

You should say, “I’m sorry, but I’m not comfortable,” if you’re not comfortable.

You should change your social group if they’re not what you want.

You don’t owe anyone on this earth anything. You owe it to yourself to be a good person for you.

It’s nice to do something kind for someone else. I completely condone that.

You should do things that feel right. You know when things feel right.

Too often, we’re busy making excuses for why right is too hard or too complicated.

Right is right is right.

Life may be shades of gray to many people, but it’s black and white to me.

You will always know when something is right or wrong.

Hey, if you are indecisive and make a mistake, own up to it and move on. People will forgive you when you screw up on accident. People aren’t all terrible (this is immense coming from me).

Own all of your mistakes. Own all of your rights. Own your life.

My accounting professor said, “if you think it might not be right, THEN IT’S WRONG.”

I say this now, in WordPress, because I’m not big on telling people things anymore.

We’re too old to be telling people what they already know.

None of this is new information.

Everyone knows how to be a good person. Everyone knows how to do the right thing. Everyone knows that what they put into the world will someday be given back to them in some variation.

This isn’t news.

If you go to your grave tomorrow, make sure you’ve done the important things.

Make sure you lived the life you wanted to live.

Make sure you’re whom you want to be.