I’d like to share a secret that has changed my life. I’m pretty sure I shared it over a year ago, but it deserves its own post.

You know that film of white or yellow (or whatever color yours is) that sits on your tongue at the end of the day (and hey, let’s be honest, probably the morning, too)?

You don’t have to scrub it away with your brush – that’s disgusting.

You don’t even have to use those weird little bubble things on the back of your toothbrush head.


There’s this invention, and it’s called the tongue scraper.

This (along with floss) is probably my very best friend in life.

When you’re done brushing your teeth, and you feel like your teeth are clean, but your mouth still feels funky from all that garlic and onion (and pizza and ice cream and and and) you ate (whoops!), you should use your handy, dandy tongue scraper.

You don’t press incredibly hard on your tongue or anything, and it doesn’t make you gag like a toothbrush can. It’s as simple as, oh I don’t know, scraping your tongue with said tongue scraper.

Bad breath? Gone.

Nasty film on your tongue? Long gone.

Great, clean mouth feeling? Check (make sure you floss and mouthwash, of course)!

I discovered the tongue scraper last year, and boy has my life never been more complete.

Don’t be alarmed if at first your tongue scraper has your nasty gunk all over it – that’s the point! That’s bacteria (and I really don’t know what else or care what else; it’s absolutely disgusting is what it is)!

Rinse it with warm water. You’ll probably have to use your fingers at first to get it all off; however, the more you do it (i.e.: every night), the less will be on there.

Of course, I hope you’re already flossing and using mouthwash regularly, because if you don’t floss, all that tasty raw fish in your sushi is sitting in between your teeth, having a dance party and plaque-ing up your teeth.

Please floss. I don’t want to write about the importance of flossing; I think we’re all old enough to know that’s not something you skip.

So, the next time you’re at the dentist, and they tell you, “wow, you have phenomenal teeth; it’s like I have nothing to clean,” just smile your dazzling, clean, white teeth, because you earned it.

Now, go get that tongue scraper!

note: they are like 7$ on Amazon (and you get two!), so you can share with someone you love or just someone who really needs it.