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I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I hate to be that person, but I’m going to be that person. (Because I am that person.)

I think everyone needs to understand the importance of adopting a dog over buying a dog. Also, if you’re going to say you “adopted” a dog from a breeder, you didn’t. You bought a dog the same way you’d buy a handbag or a pair of Nikes. You didn’t have to look at a large room of dogs that are confused and wondering why they’re sitting in cages for weeks, months, or years.

You completely overlooked all of the dogs on death row.

See, there’s this thing called euthanasia and many shelters employ it, because they are overcrowded with these four-legged creatures. They’re overcrowded, because people breed their dogs.

“But Fido is so cute; EVERYONE will want him.”

Except everyone doesn’t want Fido. People end up charging less than they wanted, and sometimes they even give away puppies. Sometimes, it works out, and a puppy is adopted by a nice nuclear family, and they all live happily ever after.

But sometimes a sick, twisted individual gets his hands on a free dog, beats him with a baseball bat, burns his paws and throws him in a freezer thinking he’s dead.

Yes, that happened.

The puppy survived and has some permanent issues.

I know you’re going to argue, “so what if I paid $1200, it’s not that puppy’s fault that he was born to that breeder.”

Absolutely not your adorable puppy’s fault, but you’re perpetuating a problem.

Fido wouldn’t be $1200 if no one wanted him. Fido would be in a shelter, and Fido would be $300. You could adopt him there and support your local shelter and shelter puppies.

In case you think I’m just making this up and you feel judged.

  • 2 millions dogs are euthanized per year
  • 70 million stray cats are in the US
  • The cost of spaying or neutering your cat or dog is less than taking care of a kitten or a puppy for one year.
  • Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1
  • If you think it’s cruel to neuter or spay your pet, imagine how cruel it’ll be when you have to put down her babies
  • Approximately 55% of dogs and puppies entering shelters are killed, based on reports from 1,038 facilities across America. Source: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy – Shelter Statistics Survey

If you don’t believe me, please click the following links. These are the animals that you are technically letting die, because you decided you needed to have that purebred imported from North Carolina with the blue eyes.






They are puppies. They are adults. They are innocent, and they are being killed.

If that’s still not getting to you, follow @Chl0ster on Instagram. Talk about a wake up call.

Shelter dogs are not bad dogs, either. You don’t just adopt a dog and then expect them to be perfect. When I first got Mogli, he growled and didn’t like to share his toys. I thought he had a mental problem. He also didn’t like eye contact and was very timid.

It turns out, Mogli is incredibly vocal, and loves to play. He shows all of his teeth when I ask him to go for a walk, because he’s smiling. Some dogs smile when they’re excited! He’s also terrified when I have hiccups. He doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner, but he’s come around to the hair dryer.

All dogs have their quirks—from a shelter or not.

Obedience training, playing with them, and taking care of them will ensure that you have a good, healthy dog. They’re not inherently bad, because they’re in a shelter. They’re behind bars, because no one wanted them. You can’t write off all dogs in a shelter, because that’s not fair. It’s definitely not a reason to buy from a breeder or to breed your own dog.

Mogli is my favorite dog ever, and he’s better than any other dog I’ve ever met. He’s a huge cuddly baby, he’s a protector, he’s got a crazy set of lungs, he’s a runner, he’s a lover, and we saved him from death row. Gloucester County is one of the biggest culprits of euthanizing dogs. I like to think that Mogli knows we saved him. I don’t know where he came from. I don’t know who abused him. I don’t know who starved him and didn’t love him. I don’t know any of his history.

But I do know that I get to write his future. I do know that he’s infinitely happier that I’m his mom.

My point isn’t to shame the people who bought a pet—we don’t always make the best choices. I just hope one person out there decides to visit a shelter. There’s no reason to buy a designer dog. Your pet isn’t superior, because you know his bloodline.

I get that you won’t love your bought dog less after reading this, but I hope it prevents you from buying another dog. I hope you go to your local shelter and take a gander. I hope you rescue a dog from death row.

Here are more facts: