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IMG_3583.JPGLast night’s sleep score was 80 with 25% deep and 75% light sleep.

My resting bpm was 60 today.

It’s not perfect, but I’ll take it as a work in progress.

Truthfully, today I’m a bit disheartened. The jumping jacks during the warm-ups were painful for my chest, back and thighs. The first exercise elongated the tense and sore muscles. The second one was all right, but I have to admit that I did a lot less squats with knee raises than I’m used to.

I used to power through all of these workouts.

Without sounding like a negative Nan, I feel lame and out of shape.

To most people, I doubt that I look any different today than I looked last summer on the beach.

To me, I’m definitely flabby. My butt isn’t the perky little butt I worked so hard to get. My legs have a little jiggle to them. I’m not anywhere near where I was before.

We don’t have a scale here, and I don’t really want one. Not too long ago, I was crazy obsessed with my weight. Your weight is a number. I probably weigh more than I weighed last summer, but that’s irrelevant. When I was working out every day and eating healthy, I weighed about 125. When I was eating garbage and trying to skip meals, I weighed 120 (on a good day), but I was still a flabby Fiona.

I’d rather be toned, have some muscle and feel good rather than be a small number on the scale and unhealthy. My fitness goals are half vanity and half health.

I feel like people sometimes get caught up on the vanity aspect. “People who work out every day are just vain and in love with themselves.”

That’s dismissive and quite ignorant. There is nothing wrong with doing things that bring you joy. If having a great body brings you joy, why does that have to be negative?

Back to today.

Part 3 of the workout was the hardest. I can only get through almost (try 30 seconds of) the entire split squats. My legs burn and feel like jelly. This was also when I was at my peak and doing it every day for months. UGH.

My legs are just sore.

I had leftover chicken stir fry with a protein shake and…a scoop of ice cream. Yeah, looking at my flabby butt in the mirror tonight, I definitely am not thrilled about the ice cream, but c’est la vie.IMG_3584.JPG

IMG_3588.JPGI wanted to take Mogli for a walk to the park, but it started raining three blocks in. We climbed the mountain back to our house in the rain (thankfully, I brought an umbrella).

So, day 3 is down. If I remember correctly, tomorrow is Pilates.

I’ve decided that once the 21 days are up, I’m going to do the Bikini Body Guide that I did for two weeks a couple of years ago. That was much rougher than the 21 day fix.

Also…it’s only 27 minutes.