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Data recap for the last two days: Friday night’s sleep was 86 with 27% deep and 73% light. Last night’s sleep was 83 with 20% deep and 80% light sleep.

My resting bpm Saturday was 62 and today is 61.

So, yesterday was Pilates. Pilates is about lengthening and strengthening.

Boy, did I.

I could barely do the part that works both sides of your butt and thighs. My goodness. The pain from the previous workouts has been so intense that this just pushed me over the edge. Insane pain.

After that, we went to the Sutro Baths and then also did the Land’s End Trail. My Fitbit says that we climbed 111 floors. Yes, one hundred and eleven floors. Fitbit also tells me that we took 23, 255 steps all day.

Last weekend we went to the beach and Japantown. I got about 20,000 steps then, also.

I will say that my thighs and butt felt like they were tearing for most of the day. I kept trucking though, and I did cheat.

We had wings from the brewery in our town, some white wine, and also two scoops of dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate ice cream.

I’m a little bummed, because I feel like I undid some of the work that I’m in pain for; however, I also feel okay about it.

I’m not trying to get into perfect shape overnight. Knowing that, I’m okay with taking the longer journey. We are in San Francisco, and we are being much healthier than our last few months in Jersey.

I must say that I love our little neighborhood. We are blocks away from the train, which means we’re blocks away from all of the shopping ever. Last night I picked up a red, tan and black scarf from Madewell for 40% off. Yes, I love me a steal.

Also, by the time we went to Union Square, a torrential downpour began, and I was happy to try on my Bean Boots.

They kept my feet dry! I can’t say they’re The Most Stylish thing ever, but they kept my feet warm and dry, and I’ve been trying to get Kev to get a pair (that’ll never happen).

Maybe at some point I’ll start reviewing some of the things I wear/own that I actually love. It’s so few and far between.


Today I did the Cardio Fix. I’m hesitant to say that I did a lot of the exercises with Kat. Yes, modified versions, because I’m too out of shape to do the Autumn ones. Disheartening? Absolutely.

I will say, though, that it’s just a matter of time. Sure, maybe I did modified burpees, and maybe I couldn’t finish the commandos and had to get down on my knees with Kat halfway through, but I did what I was able to.

I will get stronger. I will be able to do everything as quickly and as accurately as Autumn soon enough.

In the meantime, I’m thankful it’s Sunday and I’m relaxing with Kev and our little Mog-Munchkin. 🙂

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