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I may have slacked off and not updated on my progress…

But only because I was busy—not because I skipped any of the workouts.

Stats first:

Monday: Sleep – 87, BPM – 61
Tuesday: Sleep – 84, BPM – 60
Wednesday: Sleep – 77, BPM – 60
Thursday: Sleep – 82, BPM 60

Monday was Dirty 30. It was dirty, all right. I don’t actually remember it. Gah! I have to start writing in here every day. Dang it!

Tuesday was Yoga. I will say Yoga is always a lot harder than I think it is. My knees always feel particularly creaky. Also, I am not that flexible yet, but I know I will be if I keep at it.

IMG_3755.JPGThis was Mogli when I was finished yoga – pretty spot on to how I felt.

Yesterday was Total Body Cardio again. I kind of dreaded it, because Day 1 was the day that really hurt me last week. It set the tone for the rest of the week, and it really almost made me want to quit.

I woke up early and did it right away. It wasn’t crazy difficult, but I will say that even the modifications were harder than I wanted. The next day wasn’t terrible, either. I’m not saying I’m fit now, but I think muscle memory is a thing (unless I’m way off on what happened). My muscles didn’t tear as much this time, because they already tore the last time. That’s what I like to think, anyway.

Today was Upper Body Fix, and I’m not anywhere near as sore as last week. The workouts were all right. I still can’t do that many push ups, but I haven’t modified anything for these exercises. IMG_3802.JPG
After I finished upper fix, I saw him lounging like this.



Oh! and I decided I should probably focus on eating a little healthier SO:

IMG_3782.JPGYes, I made rice (and not the 5 minute kind–though, it requires the same steps, only longer), salmon and kidney beans.

I misread the directions, heh! It asked me to cook it “flesh side down.” I thought the skin was the flesh. So, I actually cooked it skin side down for 5 minutes, flesh side down for 5 minutes, and then just to be safe, I flipped it and cooked it for like 2 more minutes.

So it was pretty overcooked, but it was my first time (without any direction from Any Other Person), and I’m okay with it.

As for the kidney beans…what the heck are you even supposed to do with them? I just rinsed them and put them on the plate. Yeah, it was very bland, but I was getting my protein, so whatever.

I’ll have to Pinterest some ideas, but I’m pretty happy about it. I used to eat cereal for dinner (like two days ago). I’m trying to adult and only eat healthy foods. Apple a day and all that jazz. Apples are surprisingly tasty.

Tomorrow, after I do the lower fix, I’m going to make Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes. They sound terrible, sure, but we’ll see.