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Unfortunately, I have no stats on sleep, because the sheet hasn’t registered our sleep in two days. We’re resetting it today, but that’s pretty crappy.

We did Pilates yesterday and it wasn’t as terrible as the first time. I’m noticing a trend. The first week was absolutely atrocious. I’m not saying it was easy peasy, but it was definitely less rough.

After we finished, I made us cottage cheese pancakes. They were surprisingly delicious. They actually turned into half crepes, half pancakes. I can’t complain, though.

They had no difference in taste, but they had zero sugar and significantly more protein.

Definitely worth swapping real pancakes for.

After that, we wanted to go to Muir Woods, but there was no parking, so we went to the Golden Gate Bridge instead. It ended up being quite a hike there, so that was all we did yesterday. Yesterday was 12,599 steps and 61bpm.

I’m not sure how resting bpm is really measured if you’re out being active the whole day. Right now, I’m relaxing and my Fitbit isn’t on. It’s not registering my resting bpm.

Today, we woke up extra early, drove to Muir Woods and hiked the longer trail. I believe it was 4 miles. It was beautiful. I would absolutely do it again. Gorgeous views, not too rough of a hike, and again, breathtaking.

Afterwards, we came home, relaxed and then took Mogli on a long walk into town. We did a longer walk than usual to tucker him out. As I type this, Mogli is between my legs passed out with his head on my knee. Mission accomplished.

Then…we decided that we had to do the workout. Today was Cardio Fix.

Because we didn’t get enough of a workout in from Muir Woods and our long walk. This (by itself) was 19,000 steps. Sure. Sure. Sure. Ok. Let’s do this.

Except I half-assed it. I’m not sorry. I hate cardio with so much passion. Even thinking about it gets my blood boiling. What is the freaking point? Thankfully (but not really), I had back pain from the hike, so I couldn’t do the jumping BS. So, I did high knees by walking in place instead of jogging. I did the side jumping jacks in a dance-esque move. I didn’t do skater JUMPS, I did skater squats.

Because I hate cardio.

Instead, I think we’re going to go for a half hour jog around the neighborhood next time we have to do cardio fix. I don’t mind total body cardio so much, but I really, really abhor cardio fix. I’m sorry, Autumn, but WHAT DA HECK.


So, then I made us protein shakes. One scoop of Halo Top ice cream (it’s pretty good), protein powder, almond milk, and one spoon of peanut butter (but the peanut butter without sugar or salt. It’s by Smuckers and has nothing else in it). Kev’s was different, I made his with Skippy’s peanut butter (chockfull of sugar), a banana, and Lactaid.

After my shake, I was no longer hunger. Fuhhhh

Kev made us dinner. He had steak, potato wedges, cabbage and onion, and he made me chicken instead of steak. I literally had one bite of the chicken and maybe three little wedges with a bite of the cabbage.IMG_4053.JPG

My belly is so full.

I just know I’ll be hungry in an hour.

Luckily, I’ll also probably be sound asleep.

8pm on a Sunday. I am the Granny to end all Grannies.

Anyway, here are some photos from today.

MW (1 of 1)-7.jpgMW (1 of 1)-10.jpgMW (1 of 1)-23.jpgMW (1 of 1)-11.jpgMW (1 of 1)-12.jpgMW (1 of 1)-30.jpgMW (1 of 1)-34.jpgMW (1 of 1)-43.jpgMW (1 of 1)-44.jpgMW (1 of 1)-57.jpgMW (1 of 1)-61.jpgMW (1 of 1)-66.jpgMW (1 of 1)-69.jpgMW (1 of 1)-72.jpgMW (1 of 1)-74.jpgMW (1 of 1)-79.jpg