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Okay, so it appears that Eight was just taking its grand ‘ole time, and our stats are actually now available. Since I’m not sure where I left off, I’ll give the last three days.

Friday: 79
Saturday: 89
Sunday: 92
Monday: 93

Yeah! 93, yeah buddy!

I think this is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If my sleep score said 60, I think I’d feel crappy because of the number. If I end up getting lower numbers, I’ll try not to look for a while, because I don’t want how I feel every day to be dictated by a number.

So, yesterday was Dirty 30. It was definitely hard, but I much prefer it to Cardio Fix. I can’t stress enough how badly I hate Cardio Fix.

Today was Yoga. Kevin woke me at 6am. Because I didn’t get up at exactly 6, he decided to snooze it 10 minutes (twice) and let it just go forever. I hate alarms. I especially hate his alarm.

We got up and I had every intention to do yoga. For some reason, my entire body was so stiff. Downward dog was nowhere near as deep as I normally go. So…2 minutes in, I quit. I took a nap on the couch while he did yoga. HEH!

I had breakfast, worked for a few hours, and took a break to do my yoga. I felt the stretches deeper. I’ll try to do Total Body Cardio tomorrow morning, but I think yoga is best saved for when your body is awake and warm. Not cold and sleepy.

I do feel better now that week 2 is over. I only have 7 more days of the fix and I’m done. I have three options once it’s over.

  1. Start again
  2. Get 21 Day Fix Extreme
  3. Do Kayla’s Beach Body Guide

I’m inclined to start again, but seeing as I’m already nowhere near as sore this week (hardly sore), I think I should do Kayla or Extreme. Doing the same exercises is better than nothing, but I don’t feel challenged.