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So, I finished the fix pretty strong.

On my last day of yoga, I actually did a butt/leg workout I found on Pinterest, and that definitely hurt.

It’s been raining here from Saturday to Thursday, so it’s been kind of dull here.

I have, however, started the fix again. I might even do a third rotation, but I definitely don’t feel like I am where I want to be. I still do some modified versions of things. I was once able to do 20+ pushups, now I can do 3-4. Granted, I am doing a different pushup, not your wide shoulder BS that anyone can do. I’m keeping my elbows in, and this is infinitely harder for everyone. I was never able to do 20+ of these.

Today was leg day, and I was able to do Split Squats for a whopping 30 seconds and also 40 seconds. I used to be unable to do more than 10 seconds. I’m sure that by the end of these 21 days, I’ll be able to do them in their entirety. I’m kind of excited.

On Sunday, Kev, Mog, and I went for a run around the neighborhood. Because Mogli was so excited and because I haven’t done it in forever, I had a case of Lead Foot Syndrome. Every step my feet would pound the pavement so hard. This was obviously horrible, so within a few minutes, my shins were on fire.

Kevin explained how to bounce off the foot instead of slam down. It was easier, and it was also easier because by now Mogli had used about 75% of his energy (and mine, thanks).

My fitbit, for the first time, actually measure that I had 10 minutes of cardio. Normally, I’m in that “fat burn” section, but I guess running had me in the cardio.

I’m excited for daylight savings time. I would love to go for runs after work, but right now it’s too dark when Kevin gets home. I could go alone or with Mogli, and maybe I will, meh! We’ll see.

One thing that has suffered, and I’m not sure why, is my sleep. Maybe the Eight Sleep is defective, or maybe I just suck at sleeping now, but I’ve gone from “Good Sleep” to “Average.”

I think the real reason behind it is the rain. So, I’m a lot less active when it rains. The last whole week has been raining, so I haven’t been out, and I kind of am sedentary (outside of my 30 min workout at 6am). Over the weekend, we stayed in and watched Naruto all day, so we didn’t really NEED this ultra sleep that we normally do after hiking.

….Just looked outside and it’s definitely drizzling.

Anyway, one thing that has finally turned around…drumroll!!!

My resting heart rate! Yay! Finally. Starting Feb 2, my heart rate was 59. Then 2/3 – 2/6 my heart rate was 58. Then, from this past Tuesday until today, my heart rate is finally 57bpm!!

I also had my annual doctor visit, and I was actually 3.5 lbs lighter than last February.

I’m not sure if that really says much, because of a couple of things: 1. I probably had a jacket on last year since NJ –> snow. 2. I wasn’t working out at all. 3. I really don’t care.

I am really happy about my pulse, though. I’m happy that I’m doing the workouts every day (even when I complain about getting out of bed).

Also!! I cooked a Ground Chicken Lasagna Casserole Spinach Mix. IMG_4235.JPGIMG_4236.JPGIMG_4237.JPGIMG_4238.JPGIMG_4240.JPGIMG_4242.JPG

I chopped onions, garlic, and green peppers. Sautéed them with a little olive oil. I steamed the spinach for 2 minutes (lightly wilted). The penne was 10 minutes boiled. I cooked the ground chicken on the stove and once it was done, I mixed it with about a cup of ricotta cheese. Lined a glass pan with some alfredo sauce (ok, not everything has to be healthy every time). Did a layer of the penne, layer of ground chicken, layer of the spinach, and sautéed stuff, and then added another layer of penne. Topped with some cheese!

Baked at 350 for 35 minutes, and voila!

Added some garlic powder and yum. IMG_4208.JPG

This was from Pinterest…sort of. The photo was of just a regular egg on top of a tomato inside of a green pepper. So the photo inspired me. I actually had the green pepper on the stove for ten minutes or so. I made scrambled eggs separated and then stuffed the peppers with the scrambled eggs. The eggs have chives, spinach, and onion in them. I also always garnish with fresh tomatoes, because tomatoes are my fav.

Not too shabby.