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So, yesterday was week two of round two of doing the 21 Day Fix. I have been substituting Cardio Fix day with running instead.

I went for a run with Kevin and Mogli on Sunday, and I’ve been pretty out of commission since. My shins were on fire (understatement) for days. I will say, I have terrible running form, and I smack my feet on the pavement. Not to blame Mogli, but running with a dog that is constantly tugging is extremely difficult. He just wants to sprint, while I want to slow it down and go my pace (a ten min mile, thankyouverymuch).

We did 1.1 miles, so it wasn’t crazy difficult, but it was strenuous on my shins.

Still in pain on Tuesday, I ordered a foam roller.

I wish I could describe how much joy this thing has brought me.

I watched the 13 minute video recommended in the Amazon comments, and huzzah!

I never realized how tight my butt, thighs, and legs were. I actually rolled twice yesterday. Once around 2pm, and then another time at 6. The second time was after our mile walk around the neighborhood. I intentionally took the mountainous road, with the intention to roll when we got home.

Boy did I.

My calves and shins still hurt. The tops of my thighs–right above my knee–hurt pretty bad too. Once I finished, though, I was so loose. The best way to describe it was the way I told Kevin. When you pick up a heavy milk gallon, you use all of your force and you’re prepared to carry the weight. When you pick up a milk gallon that’s empty, when you expect it to be full, it practically flies out of your hands. That’s how my legs felt. I never realized just how heavy my legs and butt felt until rolling. Last night when I walked, I felt gelatinous. It doesn’t sound fun, but it is so comfortable. I just felt loose. I felt like all of my stressors were gone. In my legs, anyway.

I also did yoga on Tuesday. I know it’s hard to believe but chair pose was okay! I didnt hate it. I also…drumroll please…was able to touch my toes! Autumn does sun salutations three times before getting into yoga. Normally, I can reach about halfway down my calf. This time, I felt the floor. I definitely have a long ways to go before I’m Gumby, but this is progress!!

Oh, also, I have upped my weights from 8lbs to 10lbs. I figured, hey why not. I might as well get stronger.

Unrelated, but life news!

I am now a registered driver in California! That’s right, I passed my test! My vehicle passed the smog test. I have to put the tags on my car, and my license will come in the mail two weeks from now.


Also unrelated, my cooking is getting a little better.

I made some vegan mashed potatoes on Valentine’s Day with lobster tails.

They were garlic and chive mashed potatoes. I Googled Almond Milk Mashed Potatoes, and it was one of the first hits.

Boyfriend and I don’t drink real milk, so I worried we wouldn’t have potatoes, but we can!

I also made 4 ingredient fudge. Oh yah!