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I am officially on week three of the program. Last week, I had to do 30 jump squats. I believe on Monday it was just 15, but then by Friday, they increased to 30. I almost had a heart attack when I saw 30. How could I possibly do 30 when I was struggling to do 15?

Pretty easily.

Okay, maybe not easily, but I did 10 jump squats, took a three second break, did another 10, and then another ten.

Kayla’s workouts push me to the limit with every workout. Straight-leg jackknife? Here, do 15 of them. Good luck.

My abs were on fire.

On Thursday, I actually did the Fix’s Pilates to lengthen and strengthen. I felt like I just was sore all over.

On Saturday, I had two scoops of ice cream at the Japanese Festival, so I decided I had to work that off (along with the sushi). So, I re-did Friday’s workout (yes, the 30 jump squats, 10 burpees, and who remembers whatever else there was).

Sunday was relaxing, and yesterday I jumped back into week three.

After this week, we are going to start going for runs on Tuesday and Thursday, as well.

Honestly, the exercising isn’t hard. It’s physically hard, sure, but you get over it.

Unless you’re a big old pus, which you could be. My apologies to your lazy self.

That aside, the only hard part is trying to maintain a healthy diet.

All of the exercises in the world aren’t going to change what you look like if you don’t change your diet. You can’t have two scoops of ice cream on Saturday, Cocoa Puffs on Sunday, and Jelly Beans on Monday if you don’t want your workout to be in vain.

That’s the difficult part. Kevin’s mom sent us an easter basket with those little cosmic brownies, some jelly beans, and all sorts of goodies. I’ll admit, I had some pretzels with the honey mustard jelly, but that’s it! The only reason I’m even writing this is to keep my unhealthy tastebuds in check.

No, you will not go to the cabinet above the stove and have chocolate brownies or chocolate chips.


Salads, grilled chicken, fruit and veggies are all that I need. My goal is to eat a whole bag of spinach in four days. It’s not terrible raw. I think I just loathe cooked spinach, because the texture is disgusting. Anyway, food is supposed to be sustenance, not to indulge in. I mean, I’m sure there’s someone out there shaking their head going, “Actually, I savor my hamburger and pizza.”

Congratulations, but I want to look SLAMMING at the beach this summer.

On the real, though: I’m happy with this workout plan. I like that it gets increasingly difficult. I like that it challenges me. I like that I sweat. I like that I feel stronger.

I also love my playlist, which I’ll leave right here.

Destructo – Bodyback
Destructo – Dare You 2 Move
Destructo – Techno
DMX – Party Up
DMX – X Gon’ Give it to Ya
Big Data – Dangerous, Oliver Remix
Destructo – Catching Plays (Will Clarke’s Cuddle Club Remix)
Fabolous – You Be Killin Em
Flo Rida – My House
DJ Khaled – All I Do is Win