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Hey there! So I’ve kept up with the program, mostly just so I could finally say that I did a round of BBG. I’m currently on Week 10. I usually feel like writing about my experience when I’m in the thick of the workouts, but then I get super sweaty, and then I’m in the shower thinking of what I want to write, and then I make a protein shake and I just decide to update WordPress later.

Which brings me to now.

The workouts get progressively harder. Every week I literally text Kevin and tell him that this week is by far the hardest week. I never imagine it getting harder, but then it does.

The way it works is you repeat week one for week three. Then week four is the same as week two. Week five and six are brand new, but week seven is a repeat of five and eight is a repeat of six.

Being that I am on week 10, in two weeks, I’ll be repeating this week as my 12th, and I will be finished. I have skipped one day–last Friday. We were celebrating our anniversary, it was ab day, we drove down to Monterey, and I said F it. My abs are the least of my concerns, so I didn’t do it. Yes, I skipped ONE day. Moving on.

So, in between workout days, you’re supposed to get a 30-35 minute walk in, and that’s supposed to help you. I have been doing 30-35 minute walks almost every day anyway, so this isn’t really a workout to me.

In terms of results so far, I can’t really comment without a little asterisk.

***The BBG program is not just an exercise regimen. It’s also paired with nutrition. Considering the fact that I am fairly thin, seeing “results” on me would absolutely have to be paired with the eating program. I have to admit that I have not followed it at all. That’s not to say I’m some slob that ate cake and burgers every day. That is to say that I did have an occasional drink, I did have two bowls of cereal in one day sometimes. I actually had a donut and a half yesterday thanks to friends bringing them over! Gah! Overall, I didn’t focus on my nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, there were days of plain oatmeal and two egg lunches followed by baked chicken and brown rice with some green beans. Those days are nothing compared to the fact that it’s been nearly three months of just whatever I want. Again, I don’t eat shit, but I could definitely scale back on the random stuff.

With all of that taken into account, I don’t look much different. My arms are a little more toned. I see definition without having to flex. As for my butt and legs, they’re not Kayla Itsine’s perfectly sculpted butt and legs.

And that’s okay, because I knew that without really being strict, that I was only getting stronger, but not necessarily too visually different. So, much to my dismay, I probs won’t look like a super fit vixen on the beach. Thankfully, the weather in San Francisco will never be warm enough to prance around on the beach half naked, so. MEH!

And while I accept that, and I understand it, I am kind of annoyed. I drip sweat and feel sore three days a week for the last 10 weeks, and I have nothing to show for it. All because I wasn’t disciplined enough to meal prep and focus on nutrition!


So, I haven’t decided whether to do BBG 2.0 or repeat 1.0 with nutrition implemented. I’ve already decided that I’m going to workout for the rest of my life. I can’t not without feeling like a slob. I want to start running again, too.

I want to repeat 1.0, because I feel like I could get stronger. I also want to do it right (with nutrition); however, I don’t want to go backwards. I feel like it might not be challenging enough. So, I haven’t decided yet.

In terms of running, I’m going to aim for 3 miles a week. That’s 1 mile on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

In terms of nutrition, I’ll meal prep. I’ve done it before, and it really isn’t difficult once you get into the swing of things.

So yeah. In two weeks, I’ll update with which BBG I end up starting, and I’ll keep a weekly blog progress.