Friday I finished 12 weeks of BBG training. I have to admit that I didn’t finish Friday strong. I stopped 7 minutes early and I was pooped. I just was finished with it. That’s totally not okay, but hey it happened.

I decided to redo BBG 1.0 instead of starting BBG 2.0. The workouts seem similar from 1 to 2, but I want to get to week 12 and not feel like quitting. While I gave it my all, I don’t think I’ve gotten all that I could have out of the program. I started following Kayla’s meal plan a little late in the game. I also don’t like her meal plan. Unless I’m reading it incorrectly, it says 6 servings of grains a day. That is quite a large amount. I could basically have 3 cups of pasta per day and be cool on her program.

Initially I was all for it. Bring on the buttered rolls! I soon realized that that’s no way to live.

Instead, I decided to go back to the 21 Day Fix meal guide.

Last summer, Kevin and I attempted the program. While I stuck with the workouts for several cycles, I didn’t stick with the nutrition. I felt restricted and angry. I quit day 4 (or 3, or 2?). Kev did it twice and he did a wonderful job on it. I think he had one beer for his birthday and that was it for falling off the wagon.

So, in order to prepare for the upcoming months and the rest of my adult life, I decided to start working out at 6am again. I won’t always be able to do daily workouts at 11am. Not to mention, there is something to be said about having your cup of coffee and knowing that your workout is done.

Today, I awoke at 5:45 and waited until 6 for the alarm to wake Kevin. We started our workouts at 6:09. He is doing the 21 Day Fix and I’m doing BBG 1.0 again. At first I was feeling lame for not graduating to BBG 2.0, but that all disappeared about 3 minutes into the workout. I’m not sure why, but 15 jump squats followed by 15 squats, followed by 24 walking lunges and 24 knee-ups was EXHAUSTING. Also, let me just say that I absolutely LOATHE cardio in the morning. I get lightheaded. I get quite pissy, really.

I’m not sure how to possibly get better at it so early, but I imagine getting into the routine of working out at 6am will just have to do it. I’m glad it’s over. Now I can relax or maybe do a little yoga if I feel like it later.

Okay, and the meal plan?


Two eggs with one medium tomato and a teaspoon of feta cheese. This was actually great. For my snack, I had three strawberries and a bit of honeydew. I had to share some of my strawberry with Mogli, because it wouldn’t fit into the fruit container. Woe is me.

And as for lunch…I couldn’t decide what to eat. At first I was going to do a carb container and a chicken sausage. That’s when I realized that chicken sausages are NOT on the approved food list. No, sir. It’s probably because of their whopping 27% sodium amount. Yah. So off they went, back to the freezer to never come out again.

I didn’t have chicken thawed yet, and I wasn’t into the idea of just a plain salad. Tuna fish sounded okay. Tuna fish is actually kind of nasty. I had it with some romaine lettuce and a bit of onion. No dressing, no mayo, no bread, no crackers, no soul…

This might be my least favorite thing I’ve ever eaten, so it’s safe to say that I’ll never have this particular concoction again.

I’m on glass 4 of water. I had one cup of coffee with one tablespoon of unsweetened almond milk. I also added a teaspoon of cinnamon because cinnamon is a free food according to Autumn (my girl from the fix).

Yeah, so I don’t know what I’m making for dinner. Chicken with maybe the leftover pasta we have. A side of an APPROVED veggies (head-desk).  Preeeetttty sure we can’t have alfredo so this will be gr8.

Sooo yeah, welcome to the next 12 weeks of my life.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to this challenge. The more you look at food as sustenance and not something rewarding or like not viewing it as though it’s more than it is, I think it will become easier. I hope anyway, because all I ever really want to eat are warm cookies and fudge and gummy worms and soft-serve ice cream with the hard shell and maybe some chopped nuts.

Siiiigh, well, here’s to a healthier lifestyle.

I guess.