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Our friends from home came out to visit us from Thursday to Monday evening. It’s safe to say that my diet and exercise regimen came to a grinding halt.

We had ice cream from Holy Gelato! every day. The ice cream woman even said, “were you guys here recently?”

That’s not something you ever really want to hear from an ice cream shop.

We did walk a TON. We averaged between 15-18k steps a day.

But if we’re being honest, 18k steps has nothing on Kayla’s workouts.

So, to top that off, I also ate half a pound of fudge in two days. I say this as I shove the remaining 2 or so pounds into the freezer.

The truth is that unless I set strict guidelines, and especially if I don’t work out, I can easily eat about twice my body weight in like two days.

Sadly, I’m human and I love ice cream, I love fudge, I love sour cream and onion dip with some chips. I love green tea KitKats and oh yeah, I love overflowing my bagel with cream cheese.

In other words, if allowed to do whatever I want, I’d be on a Discovery Health episode of Largest Woman Alive. I’d have my own series.

It’s hard to believe, but my self-control is only intact because of logic.

If my workouts pain me, I lack as much desire to eat crappy, because I feel like the workout was in vain.

So, no workouts while they were here, and I conveniently have minimal shinsplints on my left leg. And all I need is a tiny excuse to tell Kayla to buzz off, right?

Yeah, so I’m taking off the remainder of this week, because Y NOT.

That said, eating healthy is increasingly hard to do! Not only did I fall off the wagon, it’s like I bolted in another direction and joined the witness protection program.


I will say that even good diets (just not eating fried food, fast food, and crap) are hard to maintain if you decide you’re allowed to cheat. Because you haven’t had them in some time, and because you have friends around, it’s just so easy to overindulge and worry about your health/diet at another time.

I think it should still be in moderation, though. Clearly, that was lost on me this vacation.

The plan is to restart the workouts on Sunday and resume the diet…right now.