I wanted to say “to anyone over 35” or maybe “over 40,” but I really don’t know where the buck stops, and this crazy little thing starts.

When corresponding through the internet, there is one thing that I don’t understand: the ellipsis.

Here is an example of a conversation:

Me: I’m going to the mall, do you want to join?
Person-over-30: Sure…

WTF is with that ellipsis? What is the point? That’s implying you left something out.


It looks ominous AF when you say “…” at the end of a normal sentence. It almost sounds like you’re saying “Sure…but I had other plans that you’re now ruining” or “Sure…but I will kill you later” or “Sure…but I really don’t want to.”

It just implies that you left something out.

I know it’s an older person thing, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY YOU PEOPLE DO THIS.

Me: Do you want me to bring you a coffee?
PO30: Yes…

YES OR NO? Are you asking if you owe me one? Are you saying you don’t know if I know how you take your coffee?

And I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why don’t you ask?” SURE. I HAVE.

Me: What kind of food do you wanna get later?
PO30: Sushi…
Me: Is something wrong?
PO30: No? …
Me: Okay
PO30: Where are we getting sushi…
Me: Terra Nova?
PO30: Ok…



I just want to rip my hair out when I see people using an ellipsis.

End your sentences with a big old PERIOD. Or don’t end them with any punctuation.

Please just stop with the ellipsis.